Your Rights As Consumer

It is important to be aware of your rights as a consumer. If you are not satisfied with the quality of services you received, you can lodge a complaint with Postal Forum. As a consumer, you are protected under the Consumer Protection Act 1999 and the Postal Services Act 2012.

You have the right to receive fair judgment which includes compensation for your purchase of goods or services received which was of poor quality or if you received unsatisfactory services.

These services always been free of charge

How And When We Can Help

When it involved in a complaint about a courier service provider, it must first be given the opportunity to sort the dispute out.

You as a consumer need to lodge complaint to courier service provider according to their complaint guidelines as soon as becoming aware of the issue. Courier service providers have 30 business days  to respond to a complaint, after which complaints can be referred to Postal Forum for the next course of action or investigation. We can only consider a complaint after the courier service provider has had a chance to resolve it.

As some of consumer may also procuring the postal and courier services through third party courier service provider which not a licensee under MCMC, we would suggest to the correct agency to expedite the resolution process.

We can only help with complaints with Service Providers that holds licenses from MCMC.
  • A list of licensed Service Providers is available here.
  • A list of all members of the Forum is available here.
As self-regulated body, we do not take sides and we make our decisions based on the facts. We mediates complaints from consumers about courier service providers which provide postal and courier services to the public.

As a consumer, kindly ensure you keep all types of documentation pertaining to the purchase or services received. The usual evidence required are receipts, invoices, materials, damage shipment or any other types of document or materials which would help you in your complaint.

What We Can Do And What We Cannot Do


Complaint Escalation

We attend to each complaint on a case-to-case basis. The complainant must also show proof that the consumer has made initial communication about the complaint with the courier service provider for example records of messages or emails or correspondence and that the courier service provider has refused or failed to respond, or the response is unsatisfactory.

The complaint case will be escalated to the respective courier service provider for investigation and resolution to address the issue.

Have you already lodged a report with the courier service provider to give them an opportunity to resolve your complaint? For the initial stages, they would be in the best position to resolve the issue you are facing. We would encourage consumer to lodge a complaint report to courier service provider immediately if there any service breakages to ensure immediate resolution.

If the courier service provider has not resolved your complaint after 30 business days from your initial complaint, you may submit a complaint through the MCMC Complaint Portal (ICMS) or email to Postal Forum at Please allow up to 10 business days for the resolution of your complaint.

Lodge Complaint/Feedback

If you have submitted your complaint through the MCMC Complaint Portal (ICMS), kindly refer here to check the status of your case. If you are not able to trace back or have forgotten your Complaint ID number, please e-mail us at

Track Complaint/Feedback

Complaint Handling Principle


Types Of Complaints

We at Postal Forum only able to provide assistance to consumers who lodge complaints against courier service providers who are hold a valid license from MCMC and members of Postal Forum.

List of licenses is available here

Reported to courier service provider, but no further action.

Complete information of the complaint issue.

Unsatisfactory quality of services such as delay delivery, damage, loss of shipment and etc

30 business days  have passed, and it has been difficult to register a complaint with the company, or it failed to reply within the 30 business days , or it offered an unsuitable resolution.

Although we would like to extend our assistance as much as possible, there are some areas of complaints which not acceptable. Please find the list below as guidance on the type of not acceptable complaints:

Employment or staff issues of the courier service provider.

Disagreements between the companies which participate in our service.

Incomplete supporting documents as requested by courier service providers.

Dealt with by the courts, arbitration services or other complaints procedures.

Complaints about courier service providers which are not within the Postal and Courier Industry and not governed by the Postal Services Act 2012 (PSA 2012).


The outcome and results of the complaint is based on our recommendations. The consumer is given sufficient reasonable time to study the outcome of the complaint based on our recommendations. The consumer and the affected member licensee are expected to come to a solution to resolve the complaint and the member licensee must make improvements to the outcome so as not to repeat the incident again.

In the event both parties are not able to accept the outcome and recommendations given by us, the parties can refer the matter to the court of law for civil action. We will then classify the complaint as case closed on our side.

Recommended Solutions

Take a quick action to identify the problem and raise this with the courier service provider.

Follow-up on your complaint with the courier service provider.

Seek to agree on the solution that will resolve the situation to reach a win-win solution.

When there is a dispute between a consumer and Service Provider, there are a range of options for resolving the dispute without going to civil court. These options can often be quicker and cheaper, and lead to a more satisfactory solution, than taking legal action.

The law seeks to promote the use of alternative dispute resolution by ensuring that suitable options are available in all consumer disputes. Service Providers are encouraged to inform consumers whether they are willing to use this approach. It is entirely up to the parties which option they wish to choose for the best solution.